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Deco Dance

Deco Dance originally gained fame when they opened their doors in a basement at the Biscuit Mill in Woodstock. They were known for their rocking old school tunes and dress-up awesomeness – and nothings changed in the new venue.

Deco Dance in Sea Point has two rooms, each with their own dance floor and bar. The bigger one is the smoking section, this is where all the action goes down, and the other room is the non-smoking room which tends to be more conservative.

Tips for Deco Dance

  • Look out for the Stags and Hen Party’s. There seem to be at least 3 on any given weekend.
  • Dress up and bring your A-Game. It will be welcomed.
  • Want to pick someone up? Just wait till 1-2am and let your standards slowly sip away. This acts as a warning too.
  • It’s a cash bar, so bring plenty of cash for booze (There is an ATM inside, but it’s one of those ones you need to take a mortgage out to pay for the fees).
  • There is a cover charge at the door, so keep in mind that will eat into your booze budget a little bit.

Final words: No under 22’s, it’s open till 4am, there are 70’s and 80’s tunes.

Final, final words. Please check out the photo, it sums up Deco really well. You can see people going mad on the dance floor, the DJ booth and wouldn’t be Deco Dance without someone dressed up like a porn star licking the pole. YES!

Check out the Deco Dance Website, Twitter (@clubdecodance) and Facebook.

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